The „HARDENBERG DISTILLERY“ is one of the oldest family-run spirits manufacturers in Germany and is one of the twenty oldest family businesses in Germany across all sectors. The production is varied, and the distillery can offer a variety of high-quality alternative spirits.

Our company is self-sufficient and can cultivate its own areas on the estate for the raw materials to produce Hardenberg spirits. This enables the company to offer its customers first-class, high-quality single-estate spirits.

SINGLE ESTATE - What does that mean?


The raw materials for Single Estate Spirits are grown on a single property, creating a truly local product. Botanical ingredients that cannot be grown on the estate can be obtained from the region and the spirits can be obtained as regional products.

We produce a wide range of single estate spirits in a sophisticated process directly on the Hardenberg country seat / HARDENBERG DISTILLERY.

The whole production process takes place on our property and is not outsourced.

As one of the oldest spirits manufacturers in Germany, Hardenberg offers its customers high-quality single estate products, with most of the raw materials for production being grown on the family estate.

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Our property is rich in culture

and offers its visitors a wide range of activities and enables them to gain a deep understanding of the tradition and history of the Hardenberg country estate and the associated Hardenberg Distillery.

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