Private casks

Whiskey from Hardenberg

and from you.

A Private Cask from Hardenberg Distillery is something very special. Because it combines your personal preferences and our centuries-old distilling tradition. We look forward to welcoming you to Hardenberg as part of this special tradition.

At the Hardenberg Distillery, regional raw materials are turned into HARDENBERG WHISKEYS - balanced spirits full of flavor - under the eyes of our master distillers. With us, you now have the opportunity to create your own Hardenberg Whiskey.

Private casks

We fulfill your dream of the Private Cask. You decide how your whiskey should be: Single Malt, Rye or Wheat? Bourbon barrel or German oak?

The special: As the owner of a Private Cask at Hardenberg, you accompany your whiskey from the filling of the barrel to the bottling and can help decide at strategic points which path we take with your whiskey. You can consult with our master distillers at any time.



with our master distillers – together we will find out which whiskey suits you best. Here you can reach us!

Joint filling


Filling of your private cask and storage for several years at the Hardenberg.



of your whiskey at the Hardenberg. We keep you regularly up to date – and in personal discussions you consult on strategic points with our master distillers.



to 40% drinking strength and individual branding of your Hardenberg Whiskey, as well as issuance of your certificate of participation.

You want to get started right now? With our barrel configurator you define the basics of your private cask.

Your choice



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    Cask exchange

    There is always something going on in our distillery, because our master distillers are on the lookout for new ideas and spirits creations every day. With whiskey in particular, you can play with different liquids, barrel types and cask finishes.

    This creates special drops and limited editions that we would particularly like to share with lovers and whiskey connoisseurs.

    You can bid for these special features in our Cask Exchange. Here you will find both instantly available deals and pre-sale whiskeys.

    Do you have any questions about our private casks or would like to be advised by us? Then we look forward to your message!

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