With each of our bottles you are holding a handcrafted product that looks back on more than 300 years of tradition. We vouch for the quality of our spirits with our name.

The three pillars of the Hardenberg Distillery

1 From the field to the glass.
We support the region.

Locality Most of the raw materials we use for our distillates come from our own cultivation. Through elaborate quality controls, we ensure that only the best grain is processed. The fact that you can enjoy our spirits with a clear conscience is just as important to us as the careful use of our region’s resources – in order to preserve them for future generations.

2 Everything under control.
With attention to detail.

QUALITY With all our products we leave nothing to chance. We continuously monitor every detail in production and can thus ensure that the highest quality standards are adhered to, from firing to storage and bottling. Quality comes before quantity.

3 Everything under control.
With attention to detail.

INNOVATION SPIRIT With our „Hardenberg Distillery“, we have been relying on innovation based on tradition since 2019. Experience, expertise, craftsmanship and our values form our foundation. Our distillery is constantly being modernized. From the combination of traditional production methods with modern refinement techniques, our Hardenbergs masters of the art of distilling create high-percentage innovations and revive authentic flavors.


Beverbach whiskey

German whiskey from Lower Saxony – our passion. Following the example of Irish and Scottish whiskeys, which are produced according to the „Grain to Glass“ principle, we use our own wheat and barley from the region for our Beverbach Whiskeys. Under the eyes of our master distillers, they are distilled on the Hardenberg and stored in bourbon and brandy barrels, making them spirits with a particularly charismatic, mild character. We also accompany our whiskey from the field to the bottle.


It all started with Korn over 300 years ago and we never tire of using all of our experience and passion every day to rediscover our traditional brand. We are enthusiastic about the versatility of this classic spirit. Because the versatility of the grain gives us the opportunity to create more fascinating flavors by storing and combining our distillates.


KINETIC SINGLE ESTATE GERMAN VODKA is one of the most innovative spirits from the new Hardenberg Distillery. We have done everything we can to make this vodka the perfect companion for the night. KINETIC VODKA combines clear wheat aromas with emphasized elegance and lightness. It contains energized water, which helps to underline the soft and fresh taste on the palate.


Our handcrafted gin pays homage to the scholar and plant researcher Albrecht von Haller, who laid out the botanical garden in Göttingen around 1736. Like its namesake, our gin is full of free spirit and convincing in all areas. We use some of the botanicals researched by Albrecht von Hallers, such as German ginger and lemon verbena, in our gin. It gets its light but unmistakable spiciness from its ginger aromas and thanks to the use of fresh fruit it tastes exceptionally tangy. Our VON HALLERS GIN was created by Carl Graf von Hardenberg Junior. We distill it particularly slowly and gently, which noticeably refines the taste.



Why do we make a lot of new things after 300 years – but not everything differently?

When we started building the new Hardenberg Distillery in 2018, we didn’t just want to create a new place of work for our distillation master. Our goal was to transfer all the knowledge that the von Hardenberg family had gathered over generations into our times in order to create spirits of different categories for modern connoisseurs.

The opening of the Hardenberg Distillery thus marks the dawn of a new era in the family’s 300-year distillery history.

At the beginning of this awakening there were questions: What does a modern family business look like today, where traditions are important? What does home mean for us in such a globalized world? And how will we continue to meet our responsibility that has grown over generations in the future?

The challenge of our time

As a family with a long history, we are deeply rooted in the region and see our task in preserving good traditions and developing potential. Above all, this includes treating people and nature in an appreciative manner.

We follow this guiding principle, in which we use natural resources sparingly and adapt our production quantities to the harvest yields. This is how we preserve the natural capacities of our fields. We grow most of the raw materials for our spirits ourselves.

From the vision to the bottle

The new spirits from Hardenberg Distillery are the product of a further development of our family business that has matured over the years: grain according to a new recipe, whiskey, vodka and gin, all of which we produce in the Hardenberg Distillery in Lower Saxony.

For us, the Hardenberg Distillery stands for the beginning of a new era that allows us to reconcile our traditional values with modern, mindful enjoyment. In order to meet our quality standards, we mainly use regional raw materials, which we process into spirits ourselves, which we then store in barrels and bottle.

Every bottle is a promise of quality

As a family company, we always look to the future. We are pleased to see that new generations of connoisseurs are naturally interested in craftsmanship, sustainability and traditionally produced spirits. It is our incentive to support you in this attitude: with every bottle from the Hardenberg Distillery you know what you are holding in your hands: a real artisanal product backed by a long family tradition and a healthy dose of innovative spirit.

You can visit us at our family headquarters, the Hardenberg, at any time and accompany our master distillers at work. Experience the Hardenberg Distillery in action. Learn everything about the work of a modern artisanal distillery at workshops and tastings. We are happy to take you behind our scenes, because for us that too is part of a culture of openness to which we feel obliged to you.

We are proud of our spirits, our joy in experimenting and our penchant for perfectionism, with which we want to inspire you again and again. Get to know our new grain, whiskey, vodka and gin. Enjoy contemporary.

Rediscover traditions with us. Welcome to a new era.


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